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Kill Barman
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Kill Barman is a very short virtual reality game designed for the Oculus Go where you have to throw balls to the bartenders of the bar.

  • Language: English
  • Number of players: 1 Player
  • Release date: December 1, 2020
  • Development time: 2 Weeks
  • Game engine: Unity
  • Authors:
    • Oriol Serrabassa
    • Patricia Huete
    • Oscar Garrido
  • Controls:
    • For the Windows version, only your cursor
    • For the Oculus Go version, your gaze, the big frontal button and the back trigger
  • Goal: Hit the bartenders with the balls and get the highest score

Additional information

Kill Barman is the first virtual reality video game that I have developed. As a team, we decided to design it for the Oculus Go rather than other devices like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift because this was the easiest way. This project was done via Unity Collaborate which is a service where you host your project in the cloud and multiple people can edit on it at the same time.

This video game could have been finished in one week but the environment configuration and setup took longer than expected. Since as I said before, this was our first experience for all the members so we also had some trouble understand and documenting how the Oculus Go worked and little by little we got the hang of it. Now, for the next project we are about to do, since we will be using once again the Oculus Go, we will not need to do all those previous steps. Thankfully, we can focus all our efforts for own next video game which is likely going to be released a few days before Christmas.

The development went really smoothly, however we had a very annoying game breaking bug that took us some hours to fix it. As the lead programmer of the team, I ended up making a Unity forum post asking for help. This is a very rare thing I do because usually I try very hard to fix my own bugs and for me to post online means that I was really desesperate and had no idea how to fix that problem on that moment. Then a day later I found the solution by myself randomly when I was reverting a change we made in the project which we did not like and removed in the end.


The instructions to use for this game are the same as any other Unity video game so far but you will need some some extra additional steps in order to be able to create your own executables.

  1. Download Kill Barman and then download and install Unity Hub
  2. Go to
  3. Find Unity 2020.1.4 and click on Unity Hub
  4. Complete the installation process
  5. Change to the Installs section on the left sidebar
  6. Browse the three dots on your Unity version and then Add Modules
  7. Mark Android Build Support and all its components
  8. Move to the Projects section on the left sidebar
  9. Click Add and afterwards select the folder inside of the project
  10. Open the project

As it is now, the project should finally open without any errors, you can freely browse through the project. If you want to go a step further beyond and modify the game and create your own executables or install the APK I provided in the assets, then you will need to follow some more instructions.

  1. Go back to the Unity project
  2. Click File on the top left and then Build Settings
  3. Replace the three Windows scenes for the Android ones
  4. Select Android platform and Switch Platform
  5. Click Build and later save the APK wherever you want
  6. Open a command console on the same location
  7. Do everything mentioned on this web
  8. Install the APK
  9. Put your Oculus Go
  10. Go to Library and then Unknown Sources

In case you want to uninstall the APK, write on the command console adb uninstall package where package is the name that you set in Unity on File -> Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Other Settings -> Identification -> Package Name.


We made a Windows version so you can try the game even if you do not own an Oculus Go.

Kill (1.3 GB)


Send download link to:

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Keep in mind that what this video shows it is not exactly how the game looks like when playing it through Oculus Go. For example, the game is way brighter than the video reflects and the game over scene actually takes place inside the bar with very little light which in the video is completely dark. Also, when you use the Oculus Go you do not see the exact same square as the video. You only see a smaller circular version of the square itself that is the reason why the UI is very near the center and not towards the sides because then you would not be able to see it.

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