University finished and obtained my degree

University and degree

After 4 long years or 5 depending on when we start counting from, I finally finished university. I ended this last university year on the 21st of June and yesterday I received my remaining final marks. It is time to brag about my achievements even more when I am an excellent and diligent student.

So officially, I graduated from university with honours and now I own a degree in Multimedia, Applications and Video games. Graduating with honours refers to have great overall marks, with an average score of 9.065 out of 10 in my case. Besides, I got perfect marks on 4 different subjects which is quite a hard feat.

My university timeline got heavily affected by the pandemic but I managed to pull through. Somehow, this year and the last one are the ones that I got the best marks. Not sure if it was because I was able to work from home and did not need to go physically to the university or due to the professors evaluating with more consideration regarding the current situation. It is quite likely a combination of both but in no ways I lowered my own efforts. I kept working as usual plus the pandemic did not bother introverts at all since we love staying at home. This is similar to what I also said in the About me at the age 22.

As most introverts, I do not enjoy social interactions usually so I did not have much interaction with my classmates. Though I did of course, speak with them and help them but apart from that nothing else. Introverts prefer avoiding social interaction if possible and if we must, we try and do it with a smaller group. But this does not mean we are shy!

Plans for the future

Now after graduation, here in Spain is the beginning of the summer. I am going to try a find a full-time job before the end of August. Hopefully, I expect to get a job about video game development or programming but it will prove to be quite hard and usually I have quite the bad luck. However, if this does not turn to be the case, I will have to opt out for programming jobs. Either related to websites or applications (web, phone, operating system…). I might have got a degree in Multimedia, Applications and Video game but I really dislike multimedia and all that stuff related to video and image edition.

It is time to begin my job hunting on the Internet and on LinkedIn.

Looking for a job is a job in itself.
Aletta Rochat - Public speaker
Aletta Rochat
Public speaker
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