About me

Everything about me, the story of my life

About me has been divided in different stages of my life for an easier reading experience.
Since this is an extensive and detailed about me page, expect heavy amounts of informal language.

To avoid any possible legal trouble I censored the faces of children under 18 I have not asked permission for.
If you have any other problem regarding this, send an email to inquiries@oriolserrabassa.com.

Stage 0: Summary


I am a male who is passionate about the world of programming and video games who would like to combine these two passions and work professionally as a video game programmer. This passion in particular arose in my early stages of life while living in Olost, a very small village with almost no people of my age. Therefore, most of my free time was spent playing video games.

To help me achieve this dream, I have been taking from a very young age, measures that would benefit me in pursuing my career and dreams. For example, at the age of 16 for my bachelor’s research work project, I created my first video game which is published on the Internet. In addition, I have a degree in Multimedia, Applications and Video games from the University of Vic to further increase my chance of success. Also, whenever I have some free time, I try and develop video games to improve my knowledge.

I enjoy innovation and all the video games I have been creating over the past years, always try to incorporate mechanics which I had not previously used to encourage me to think and devise. Unfortunately, the video game industry has been declining lately. The quality of games has dropped considerably and newer video games are simply too boring, unoriginal and repetitive as companies are more interested in making money than creating good games. Personally, I would like to modify this way of thinking as I believe it is not correct. It pains me a lot seeing the video game industry like this. My passion, will and determination that I invest in video games are unbeatable.

If the game is not fun, why bother?
Reggie Fils-Aimé - Nintendo
Reggie Fils-Aimé
Former president and CEO of Nintendo of America


  • 7 sins: Pride
  • 7 virtues: Diligence
  • Birthday: 24th of October of 1998
  • Car: Yes, a Renault Megane 2004 Grand Tour
  • Children: 0 and will likely stay this way
  • Degree: Multimedia, Applications and Video games (EDS)
  • Driving license: Yes, with no points deduction
  • Independent: No, but maybe in a few years
  • Location: Olost, Spain
  • Married: No, and I do not plan to
  • Personality: INTJ-T
  • Philosophy: Empiricism and skepticism
  • Studying: Not anymore since I already finished my desired studies
  • Working: Yes, currently as a web and software developer


  • 2D RPG: Black Souls II
  • 3D RPG: Final Fantasy IX
  • Animal: Elephant
  • Animated movie: Wreck-It-Ralph
  • Anime: No Game No Life
  • Board game: Jungle Speed
  • Book: The Wise Man’s Fear
  • Card game: Uno
  • Cereals: Choco flakes
  • Character: Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Color: Black
  • Dessert: Crème caramel
  • Dog race: Shiba Inu
  • Drink: Peach juice
  • Fast food restaurant: McDonald’s
  • Fish: Salmon
  • Fruit: Apple
  • Laptop brand: Dell
  • Meme: Pepe the Frog and its variations like Pepega
  • Meat: Breaded turkey fillet
  • Movie: Law Abiding Citizen
  • Number: 0
  • Pasta: Spaghetti alla carbonara
  • Pokémon: Hitmonlee
  • Pizza: Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Cioccolato
  • Restaurant: Fonda Sala
  • Season: Winter
  • Sport: Fencing & kendo
  • Subject: Physics
  • Superhero: Batman
  • TV program: News
  • Video game: Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Villain: Thanos
  • Visual novel: Umineko no Naku Koro ni


My goals that I would like to achieve during my life.
Completed goals are mentioned in chronological order.
Meanwhile unfullfilled ones are listed by difficulty:


Always remember that if you're going up a hill with the wind in your face, soon, somehow, and sometime, you will go downhill with the wind in your back. If we don't succeed, we always go agane.
Félix Lengyel
Hard work betrays none, but dreams betray many. Never apologize for saying what you feel, that's like saying sorry for being real.
Hachiman Hikigaya - Oregairu
Hachiman Hikigaya
If you wanna make people dream, you've gotta start by believing in that dream yourself!
Kanie Seiya - Amagi Brilliant Park
Kanie Seiya
Amagi Brilliant Park
Humans ain't built to care about everyone. Our world only extends as far as the people we know. That's why it's fine not to give a damn.
Odette Malencon - Fatal Twelve
Odette Malencon
Fatal Twelve
On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.
Satoru Iwata - Nintendo
Satoru Iwata
Late president and CEO of Nintendo
I do not look towards the past. I only face forward.
Stunk - Ishuzoku Reviewers
Ishuzoku Reviewers
The hardest choices require the strongest wills.
Thanos - Avengers Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War
It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.
Theodore Roosevelt - United States president
Theodore Roosevelt
Late president of the United States
The more I expect from people, the more I am disappointed.
Yuuji Kazami - Grisaia no Rakuen
Yuuji Kazami
Grisaia no Rakuen
No matter how much you regret the past, you cannot change it. But you cannot erase it either. It is part of what makes you who you are.
Yuuji Mutsumi
Sorcery Jokers

Stage 1: Ifancy (Birth - Age 1)

Born on the 24th of October of 1998 in the morning at 12:20 with a weight of 3,8 kg, height of 50cm and blood type O+. I can give blood to everyone but I can only receive from O+ and O- types, not that I like giving out blood either way.

As a baby, I was a very hungry one. I used to eat a lot so I was kinda of chubby compared to other babies of my age. Also, I was always very well behaved, I never caused troubled and I was very passive. Basically, I ate, slept and played my favourite toy, a blue bunny plush. Surprisingly, this depicts what I do similarly nowadays. At the age of 10 months, I was able to walk so I started to become more active.

lived in Olost in a house that probably had everything any baby and any kid could wish for. A big house with lots of space to run and play around. It even had 2 floors and a beautiful garden with a swimming pool. For some apparent reason, it seems that I really liked diving my head in the swimming pool.

About me - Age 1
Me at the age of 1 in one of Olost's parks

Stage 2: Toddler (Age 2 - 3)

Age 2 (2000)

I started going to the kindergarten in Olost when I was around 2 years. Mainly, because you could not go until you were completely dependable on walking alone. My parents bought me for my second Christmas a small electric truck that I loved because I could drive it and so I did most of my days.

On the 11th of September of 2000, me and my family went to Barcelona zoo and in general I had a great time. They let me ride a pony and touch some animals like goats. As a fun fact, in the zoo there was a vehicle similar to a golf cart that was used for moving around the zoo. It seems that I was paying more attention to that than all the animals.

About me - Age 2
Me at the age of 2 in my house with my electric truck

Age 3 (2001)

At the age of three, Olost’s town hall hired some builders to paviment and asphalt the street of my home. They brought some machines like a road roller and a backhoe loader and I developed a liking to machines with that experience.

I began to express discomfort and state my own opinions of the things around me and also I started going to primary school in Olost. An interesting experience I had was that during the school Christmas show, I had to wear a barretina, a Catalan hat, and I was really uncomfortable with it. Somehow, for other people it was very amusing because I was making a lot of funny faces and my hands were most of my time on my head. During the summer of the same year, I started helping my father with some tasks involving machines like mowing the grass of the garden.

In Olost there is the anual tradition that at least once every year it snows. In winter of 2001, it snowed quite heavily which made this my first time that I managed to play with the snow because in the other years I was still too young or it hardly snowed at all. Also, during this period, I got a liking to custards.

Me at the age of 3 playing with the snow in my home's garden

Stage 3: Childhood (age 4 - 8)

Age 4 (2002)

Even at the age of four, I still had my trusty blue bunny plush. I also learned how to bike without training or support wheels. I started developing my interest in video games because my older sister was playing them and there was almost no people of my age (exactly only 4) in Olost to socialize with. One of the first video games I have ever played was The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril and the now defunct social video game BoomBang even though it seems that a private server of BoomBang still exists.

For my saint which is on the 23rd of March, my parents bought me a West Highland White Terrier dog we called Popi. Finally, in the summer of 2002, I started practicing surf on my home’s swimming pool.

About me - Age 4
Me at the age of 4 with Popi at Turbofil's old factory in Olost

Age 5 (2003)

I was forced to join my village’s football team at the age of 5 to do some physical activity and socialize with others because at this age and still nowadays I dislike physical activity and I am bad at socializing. I played as a centre-back or central defender and at the beginning I really disliked it but it brought me competitivity so in the end my opinion changed.

During carnival with the school, I dressed up as a baker. Lastly, for summer vacation, we went with my family to Andalusia and visited all the provinces and met also some distant family members where one of them gifted me a handcrafted Tic-Tac-Toe.

About me - Age 5
Me at the age of 5 at Olost's old school during carnival

Age 6 (2004)

My first tooth fell out and I was really excited because here in Catalonia we have a tradition called Angelet de les dents which differs slightly from other similar traditions like the Tooth Fairy or Ratoncito Pérez. I put my tooth that night in a small blue chest under my chest and the next morning it magically disappeared and I got a gift for it.

For Christmas, I got probably the best gifts I can remember of, because my parents bought me a Scalextric Pole Position. For those that do not know, it is a racing circuit with attachable cars that you use with a remote control. I also got a one thousand pieces jigsaw puzzle. I loved these presents so much that I developed a liking for racing games and puzzle solving which nowadays I still preserve.

By checking the photo albums, this is the last year I got to see a picture with my trusty blue bunny plush but I still keep it.

About me - Age 6
Me at the age of 6 playing Scalextric Pole Position

Age 7 (2005)

This year in particular nothing interested really happened, it was just a normal year for me. 

This time for summer vacation, we went to Tenerife, a spanish volcanic island, by plane. It was my first experience flying on a plane and my parents said that I enjoyed it a lot. I really do not remember anything regarding this it at all so I will take it for granted. We stayed there for a whole week and visited most of the important locations of the island.

I met with with all the close family members during Christmas. We celebrated the anual Catalan tradition called Tió de Nadal which is a log that acts as Santa Claus but we have a physical representation of it that we hit with wooden sticks and it gifts presents to the children. After all the Christmas festivities, I got lots of interesting like my first camera, a shirt of FC Barcelona with my own name and some books to read. I do not remember exactly when I got fond of reading but I used to read a lot and I still do. Reading is kinda my passion, I find it really entertaining and fun plus you learn new words and experience amazing stories. I see no downsides at all!

About me - Age 7
Me at the age of 7 on Palm Sunday

Age 8 (2006)

Sadly, before the second half of the year. My dog Popi died in a car accident. I was so devastated that I did not go to school the next day.

I received the First Communion on June together with my other 2 classmates of my age (we went from 4 to 3 people of my age in Olost since one of them left). We previously did a photography session in Prats of Lluçanès to create a reminder of the First Communion. The ceremony was done in Olost’s church and the posterior celebration was done in restaurant Cal Quico.

As an fun fact, Olost’s church has a very interesting story that has always been explained by the old people of the village so it is probably true. Theoretically, Olost’s church is the only medieval church that has two bell towers. The reason for it is that in the past, an Olost’s nobleman with a pregnant woman declared that he would built a church with a bell tower for his future children. However, he got twins so he decided to built two bell towers.

My parents as a gift for the First Communion, we went to Disneyland Paris. I had very fond memories of my time there. I still remember that my two favourite attractions were Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. In this latter one, there was a technical problem and we got stuck on it for around 15 minutes. I managed to get one of the highest possible scores.

Me at the age of 8 chilling in my home's porch

Stage 4: Puberty (Age 9 - 13)

Age 9 (2007)

To compensate for Popi’s unfortunate death, my parents decided to buy on January a new dog. Sadly, even though I wanted to call it Crash in reference of the Crash Bandicoot games I was playing during that age, we ended up calling the new dog Nuk. Its race was a Miniature Schnauzer with a color of salt and pepper.

On June, one of my old friends of the same age celebrated his birthday and invited me with other people at Sucrepark at Vic which is like a location with lots of inflatables for kids to have fun and celebrate their birthday. There I met lots of new people and made some great summer memories with everyone.

We celebrated most of the Christma’s holidays on my aunt’s home with my two cousins. The majority of the presents that I got this year where books since I was still going very hard with my book reading adventure and was not going to stop anytime soon. However, to also satisfy my video game hunger, I got a Nintendo Wii in a bundle including Wii Sports, Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii. I played a lot of online Mario Kart Wii until Nintendo decided to close their servers on the 24th of May of 2014.

About me - Age 9
Me at the age of 9 in the restaurant La Ferreria in Tona

Age 10 (2008)

At the beginning of the year, I joined the Facebook wagon and created my first account. I am not a social individual so I only used the account to play Facebook games. The one I spent most hours in it was without a doubt the now defunct Pet Society where I obviously named my pet Nuk. Unfortunately in the same year, one of my friends managed to guess my Facebook password and stole my account. I was never able to recover it until years later when one of my other friends out of nowhere voluntarily confessed who was the culprit. That person also revealed me the password but it did not matter because I already had another Facebook account. Surprisingly, it all happened because the culprit was jealous of my progress in Pet Society.

After 5 years of playing football, I was kicked out of Olost’s team because I had an argument with my coach. Not really the best thing to include in an about me section, but I am an honest person so I will tell the good and the bad experiences. Everyone has a few dark secrets, me included.

For summer vacation I went with my family, what is probably for me still today, one of my favourite places, Rome. I liked it so much that I have already been in it 3 times.

About me - Age 10
Me at the age of 10 in my home posing for pictures

Age 11 (2009)

This year I was doing fifth grade on the new school building that had finally been finished. This new one was huge and was able to hold all primary school and secondary school grades. Also, it has a very big playground and a gym acting as an auditorium.

A personal achievement I completed this year is finishing the Rayman Raving Rabbids Invade the World. A very funny figurine collection and one of the few things I decided to keep from my younger years. This year I discovered that normal things for some people could be irrevelant whereas for some other people it could become warm and exciting childhood memories.

Personally, I want to share a really nice picture I have where for Sant Jordi, me and my classmates of the same age (this time we are 5), made a small representation of the legend of Saint George.

Since my parent also liked Rome, we decided to visit during summer Tuscany, Florence and Pisa.

About me - Age 11
Me at the age of 11 with my classmates for Sant Jordi

Age 12 (2010)

I started wearing glasses probably because of my reading and video game passion.

Since this was my last primary school year on Olost, we celebrated it with some special events. One of them in particular which is not related at all with what I just said was The Fonix 2010. An English contest where any Catalan schools could present their candidates of fifth and sixth grade to compete against all the other Catalan schools. In Olost’s school, we made an English test to select the best candidate and it turned out to be me as the sixth grader and my distant cousin as the fifth. A few days later, we went to Barcelona to make the real test and in my case it went well. I cannot remember my ranking but I recall that I got approximately 97 points out of 120.

Following the Facebook storyline of 2008, after staying away from social media for a whole year and a few months, I returned once again to Facebook and created another account on November. I did not start playing Pet Society once again but I found other interesting games like Restaurant City. Currently as of 2020, this is still my current account but it has been inactive for some years.

About me - Age 12
Me at the age of 12 with my distant cousin during The Fonix 2010

Age 13 (2011)

2011 is a special year because I finally started secondary school. However, this time on INS Castell del Quer located in Prats de Lluçanés. There I met a lot of kids of my age and similar of the surrounding villages. The change of school, education level and environment changed drastically and it took me some time to adjust. Nonetheless, I kept getting good marks and be a role model student as usual.

For a short period of time, I wore contact lenses but quited fast because they made me tired and sleepy. So when I went to class I would use them but when I returned home I would put back my glasses.

We decided to visit London for summer because next year, the 2012 Olympic games would take place there. London is actually pretty nice and I would say that it is even prettier than Rome but the weather sucks. During my stay at London, I used my English skills to help my parents and guide us through London.

About me - Age 13
Me at the age of 13 in London during summer

Stage 5: Adolescence (Age 14 - 18)

Age 14 (2012)

To start the year, my parents and I decided to do a small karaoke. I have always liked singing so I easily agreed to it and prepared myself everything. I would consider myself a slightly above singer than average probably. It might be a bit weird coming from someone at the age of 14, but I do like listening to and performing myself opera. My favourite opera performance is Pavarotti‘s Nessun Dorma from Turandot.

At INS Castel del Quer, the students were given a Toshiba NB250 to let them get used to new technologies. As you can guess, letting a student of such age use a computer in class, nothing good will come out of it. In my case, although it was quite rare I also joined my classmates and play some online games or similar. One day, while I was in math class, the teacher caught me red-handed. Even though of what I did was wrong, I did not receive punishment at all because the teacher knew I was a good student with good grades in all subjects including maths and it was also a review day. However, I got really embarrassed about it and decided to stop doing so and only play during free time.

Around this year, since now I got my own laptop, my parents bought me Minecraft. I specially liked to play online the minigame Block Party from HiveMC. Nowadays, I am not playing it anymore but I watch videos of other people playing the game or speedrunning it. Minecraft also lead me to discover one of my role models, ElRichMC. Thanks to his own efforts he finally managed to become the best Minecraft player in the world in 2020.

About me - Age 14
Me at the age of 14 with my legendary Facebook portrait image

Age 15 (2013)

My family celebrated Christmas on my aunt’s home which was unusual since we usually did it on our home. I got more books and a Rubik’s Cube that I was eager to get but ended up as a disappointment.

3r ESO as I said two years ago, it is the hardest grade in Spain mainly because this is the intoduction year to technical, calculation, formulas and numbers related subjects like maths, technology, biology, physics, and chemistry. I love numbers so I only had some slight problems with those subjects but I really enjoyed technology and physics. This is the point in time that I know for sure that I want to become a computer engineer. Previously though, before secondary school, I had an overall idea about this.

One of my friends of secondary school, introduced me to League of Legends. It was near the beginning of season 3 during the time of Thresh’s epic login screen. I played the game for 7 years and decided to drop it with my highest ranked position of Gold I. As an interesting fact, I lost my promotion to Gold V 27 times in a row. Also, I own a legendary memory where me playing as Sion top, a Malphite jungle and a Garen mid won versus a whole team. I do not remember the exact details but I guess our ADC and support went AFK but we still managed to win in a 3 vs 5. Nowadays I only watch professional competitive games of it on Twitch.

About me - Age 15
Me at the age of 15 during Christmas

Age 16 (2014)

Before finishing my last year of secondary school, we made an end-year-trip and visited some Italian cities. We made the trip by bus which took around 14 hours and was really boring. Since some of my classmates liked doing mischiefs a lot, I stayed awake all night during the bus trip so nobody would do me something like painting my face which was kinda usual to happen on these types of trips.

For summer we decided to go visit the surrounding of the french Provence. I hate it so much and was such an annoyance that my parents really got mad at me. Feel bad for them but they were not wrong and I deserved it. I still remember I made a list rating all villages we visited and most had a score lower than 4. Obviously, the scores I gave were my honest opinion while being completely impartial. That is why in some of the places, while it was a rare case, they had a good score.

Surprisingly out of nowhere, a very special event occured this year where everybody aged from +16 had the chance to vote for the Catalan self-determination referendum. You had two simply answer two questions, the first one being Do you want Catalonia to become a State? meanwhile the second one Do you want this State to be independent? Three weeks before was my 16th birthday so I legally could vote and this became my first voting experience.

About me - Age 16
Me at the age of 16 voting on 9N (9th of November)

Age 17 (2015)

Last year, Nintendo closed Mario Kart Wii servers and I gained lots of time because the game was unplayable. I have not said it until now but I am a gamer that only plays 2-3 video games but extensively. Specifically at that time, they were League of Legends and Minecraft. Consequently, in honor of Mario Kart Wii, I decided to go karting in real life at Gené Karting in Parc Vallès. The game that would fill the gap that Mario Kart Wii left me, would be Soccer Spirits for 5 years.

In Spain, once you finish secondary school you have officially finished the legal education the government offers you. Now, you have three choices for your future. The first one is to start working. The second one is to do a formative course. The last one is to get a bachelor’s degree. I chose the last option since this is the usual route everybody follows if you want to go to university. However, if you go for bachelor, you still need to opt for the branch you are going to study. There are 3 paths you can choose of which are science, social and art. Obviously, I went for the science path and more specifically the technological road since I enjoy numbers.

For summer, my older sister was going to visit Australia but ended up as her staying there for some years. The photo below is a cropped version of the one we took before the farewell with my sister. You can see on the bottom right corner a part of the australian dollar. Also, I look really good but at the same time really weird on this image.

About me - Age 17
Me at the age of 17 at the airport

Age 18 (2016)

The year where I become of legal age. We celebrated my birthday in my grandmother’s house on my father’s side which is next to home.

I was doing my last year of my technological bachelor’s degree (it is only two years). Therefore, I needed to prepare for Selectividad which is the equivalent of the university entrance exam. I chose as my first priority Informatics Engineering on UPC Barcelona. I needed to get a minimum of 8.5 to get accepted in the career and I managed to surpass it. Once I got the results from the exam, we started looking for an apartment where I could live for my first university year. It took a few weeks and we had to make several trips to Barcelona. The reason for this is because my mother kept refusing all the apartments I showed her. Supposedly, they were in bad shape. Even though I did not care at all since I have always led a minimalistic life style, I was aware she did it for my own well being.

As the last holidays with the whole family together, my parents planned a trip to New York City. My older sister was still in Australia but she was going to take a plane and meet us there. Though it was not as beautiful as I expected, it was still a very special occasion.

About me - Age 18
Me at the age of 18 celebrating my birthday

Stage 6: Adulthood (Age 19 - 29)

Age 19 (2017)

In the past, I did not fit at all because I am hard-working and I always give my best. All the people I had met until now, most were never serious about their studies. All this changed when I started university in UPC Barcelona doing the Informatics Engineering career. I dropped out after a year because the knowledge I was learning was not related to programming or video games. Anyways, even though I kinda wasted a whole year I still learned a lot of important things. Mainly, I learned how to program and also discovered how good I am at it. Now I was certain that I should pursuit a career in programming or video games at least. Next year, I would enroll in UVic and start finally my real career of Multimedia, Applications and Video games.

During the time that I was in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of living alone in an apartment with strangers. It was a very unique experience and I loved it. I still returned home every weekend and I still remember that during the train ride which took around an hour and a half, I would always do programming on my laptop and the curious people that sit next to me or nearby would give me the looks of Wow! This boy is so dedicated to his studies

Also, in this year I had my first professional working experience as an electrician assistant. Since I worked as an assistant for only 2 weeks, I did very basic stuff but it still was fun. Furthermore, just at the very end of the year I got my driving license acing both the theorical and practical exam with no errors.

About me - Age 19
Me at the age of 19 working as an electrician assistant

Age 20 (2018)

2018 was a very normal year for me.

I started my second and final career of Multimedia, Aplications and Video games in UVic. Like in the past, I once again did not fit with the group because my classmates did not care. I was slightly upset about this since last year I got such amazing classmates. This lead to me  having a bad relationship with some of my classmates for the rest of the career.

My older sister sister from Australia for a small period of time and brought along Sam, her couple. Sam turned out to be very kind and friendly as I expected. I still had not met him in person and only knew him through some videos my sister sent us.

Taking advantage of the fact that my older sister returned from Australia, near the end of the year, we took a very nice picture for one of my grandmother’s. So we met up with my mother’s brother family side and the result photo is as you can see below. It is by far, one of the most beautiful and important pictures I have.

About me - Age 20
Me at the age of 20 with my family (right) and my mother's family side (left)

Age 21 (2019)

On 28th of April, we had Spanish elections. However, it is also the day that one of my grandmother’s died. Specifically, the one we took that family photo last year. Regarding the political election, Spain was in a very serious politic conflict at the time so there was no real winner and we had to vote again on the 29th of November. By a miracle we managed to get a winner and form the government but it was a very close call.

Unluckily, another really bad thing happened this year for me. My father almost died in a work accident. He had to go a very long and complicated surgery but managed to survive. As of 2020, he has not fully healed yet but the progress looks very promising. Probably, next year will be able to work once again but until then he is resting.

This year I went karting once again though this time on Circuit Osona. I also went bowling on a new building that had been recently built on Vic called BowlingSucre. My only experience with bowling had been with the Wii so I got destroyed and placed last. Luckily, I managed to get a strike which was the only thing I was aiming for.

About me - Age 21
Me at the age of 21 on Easter's day

Age 22 (2020)

For me unlike most other people, 2020 was a blessing.

The academic year went through as usual but we finished the last 2 months with online cases due to Coronavirus. I managed to pass 2 subjects with honors which made me really happy. Before starting the following year, I bought new glasses with a completely different style of what I had been wearing. They remind me a lot to Hackerman and to be honest, it is one of the reasons I chose them.

Since I am an introvert, I do not enjoy social life much so COVID-19 helped me greatly. In Spain we were confined in our houses for a few weeks and we could not leave it except under very special circumstances. During this time, I saw lots of introvert memes making fun of extroverts because the lockdown did not affect introverts at all since our lives are already in self-isolation. As an introvert, this made me laugh a lot because it is completely true.

Lastly but most importantly, I started and finished my personal website. It took me around a whole month and I spent a lot of hours on it. You can read more details about the webpage on its own project page that I made. To commemorate this moment, I asked my father to take me a picture with my website so here it is.

About me - Age 22
Me at the age of 22 showing my personal website

Age 23 (2021)

2021 is the year which I believe that I became an adult.

I finished the university degree in Multimedia, Applications & Video games that I had been doing for the last 4 years. In order to obtain your degree in Spain. You need to complete 4 requirements beforehand. Have at least an English B2 level (got my Cambridge certificate in 2015). Obviously, pass all your subjects. Work in a real company for a 150 – 300 hours internship. Finally, demonstrate your knowledge and skills obtained through these years in the final degree project. In my case, I developed a 2D video game called Timeless Hero which I am very proud of.

After university, me and the company where I did my 300 hours internship reached an agreement. They would grant me a period of 2 months to let me try and find a job as a video game programmer. They knew this was my passion as I told them from the very beginning. However, even though they promised me. You can easily imagine that I was nonetheless worried that they would not contact me back if I was unsuccessfull with my job search. Which I definetely was. Luckily for me, around mid of August, they called me back and I started officially working there. The company’s name was OnClick Solucions, a business which focused on design and development of websites, software and applications.

In September, I got awarded the Premi Extraordinari by the university where I had been studying, for having the best academic record within my degree promotion. Unfortunately, shortly after that, without any warnings at all. My 14 year old dog Nuk, a salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer, got a sudden stroke and had to be sacrificed.

About me - Age 23
Me at the age of 23 relaxing at my home's garden

Age 24 (2022)

The first year where I no longer had to worry about university at all. I had finally broken one of the biggest chains of life known as education. Only to be chained by a new stronger chain called work.

The year’s beginning was amazing, since I got my hands on a metal digital watch which I had been looking for some years. I specifically wanted a metal one because they are durable and all of my previous watches got their strap broken.

During the initial half of the year, I learned regular expressions. Then, I participated in my first ever programming competition, Google Kick Start. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the event and for the remainder of 2022. I tried attending each monthly competition that they organized. Some weeks passed and OnClick Solucions, the company where I was working on, renewed my contract. To later on, upgrade my contract once again but this time to indefinite. On April, I became a contractor for a major and renowned Information Technology (IT) company which made me really happy.

However, after a series of good news, the bad news came. First, my blue and white parakeet, Blauet, died. I noticed that I never mentioned my parakeets. I believe that my parents bought them in 2007… and yes. There were originally 2 parakeets. The other one was yellow and grey and was called Gordi. Though, Gordi died around 5 years ago. Soon afterward, my grandmother Montserrat died, leaving me with no more grandparents alive, and I got COVID.

Finally, to close out the year, I started learning about investing and trading. Along with me participating in my first ever game jam, the Sogeti x Green Game Jam.

About me - Age 24
Me at the age of 24 with my workmates and coworkers

Stage 7: Middle age (Age 30 - 49)

First entry should be in 2029 or 2030.

The song that I would like to be played at my wedding, if I ever get married.

Stage 8: Senior (Age 50 - Death)

Stage not reached yet. Hopefully, I will make it.


I have a few absolutely clear things regarding my death.

First of all, I want to be buried. If for any reasons it is not possible, like for example, I managed to complete my ultimate life goal and travelled through a black hole which would probably kill me or I would not be able to return. Therefore, I would like to have at least a memorial or a gravestone with the following message. This quote in a haiku format has a very special meaning for me.

My tired brush runs dry, as the ink of my life ends, closing with a bang.
Oriol Serrabassa - Face
Oriol Serrabassa
My legacy

Second, I want a public funeral. If a huge mob or crowd wants to come and pay their respects, they are welcome. If nobody wants to come, I do not care since I will be dead by then. The song that I would like to be played during the ceremony is the following.

Third and last. I highly doubt that I will have any children. However, if that is not the case, I would like for them to receive a generous amount of my inheritance. An amount that will help them for a few years but will not suffice for the rest of their lifes because I want them to work hard and succeed. For the rest of my heritage, I really do not know what the future is going to look like since I am writing this in 2020 at the age of 22. Just make my whole patrimony useful for the society. Everything means everything, including bank accounts, etc. Once I am dead, I will not need neither a house nor money.

I was born with nothing and I will die with nothing!
Kinzo Ushiromiya - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Kinzo Ushiromiya
Umineko no Naku Koro ni

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